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Christ the Redeemer Celebrates 20 Years of God’s Faithfulness

Cake from the Dinner on the grounds

Fr. Justin Allen, Bishop David Epps, and Fr. Stephen Hunter

On Sunday, June 9th, Christ the Redeemer Church in Woodstock GA celebrated the 20th anniversary of its founding with a Eucharistic service and old-fashioned dinner on the grounds. Former congregants and friends of the church family were invited to the service, and Bishop David Epps joined the congregation for the day.  The congregation wore matching shirts commemorating the event and provided special favor bags to those attending.  Church members had created six large scrapbooks, documenting the 20 years of the church’s history which were shared during the lunch.  Bishop Epps said, “It is an honor to be here with you today.”  During the sermon, he spoke of God’s faithfulness to the congregation over the years.  The congregation has met in ten different locations during its existence before purchasing their current home, a small house on 4 ½ acres in Cherokee County.  

Church members in their matching shirts during worship

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