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Ordination of Steve Phelps to the Priesthood June 24, 2019

June 14, 2019,  was a great day for Cathedral Church of The King in Olathe, Kansas.  On this day Deacon Steve Phelps was ordained as a priest! 

For 20 years Steve persevered as a layman then a deacon at the Cathedral.  During this time he faithfully served in every area of  ministry: Youth, teaching bible classes, cleaning the church, mowing the lawn  and hospitality.  Also, the home of Deacon Steve and Judy has always been open to serve others from around the country and the world.  Many have experienced their ministry.  When I travel clergy and others don’t ask about me, but  “How are Judy and Steve?”  They always enjoyed the welcome and fellowship of the Phelps.

Throughout the years Steve has always been there to help me as a Bishop  I could not have done what I needed to do without his ministry to me.  He and Judy are a great gift to the church. 

Steve was always available and preparing.  He began his seminary studies through St. Michael’s Seminary some 17 years ago.  He persevered little by little, a course here and a course there.  Then at his ordination as a priest he was presented his graduation diploma. All through the years Steve was working full time in a demanding  job.  Yet he continued and finished his studies.  Blessed are those who persevere (James 5:10-11).

Now as a priest, Fr. Steve, he will continue to build up the saints through his selfless service to others.  

I believe Fr. Steve is a prophetic sign that the Lord has great plans for us.  Otherwise, why would He raise up a priest?  The Lord is bringing people who will need ministry and Fr. Steve will be here with me to serve them.

Fr. Steve is standing firm in his place knowing that Gad is acting for us (Is. 64:4).  The future is with men of upright mind (Ps. 94:15-Moffatt).  Our church has a great future with Fr. Steve Phelps who is standing upright in his place.

Bishop Michael Davidson

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