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Patriarch Visits very first CEC Micro Business in Africa

The Patriarch, with Bishop Koyo and Dcn Ralph, stand in front the first CEC Micro Business in Africa.The business that buys cattle off-season, fattens then during the dry season and sells them when prices are highest.  They have reinvented the profits each year and continue to expand the program.  These profits are available to the Kenya House of Bishop to spend as they see the needs.

Bishop Moses standing next to Abp Jones supervises this project for the Kenyan House of Bishops.  Bishop Moses who Masai, the tribe that has herded cattle in this arid region for centuries, has used his local knowledge for the benefit of the entire CEC church in Kenya.    This project was started with the very first All Saint Offering taken up many years ago and is now self-supporting.

Congratulations to all who work so hard to make this happen, and those who gave so generously.

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