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Graduates From Bishop Hannington school pass exams

GRADUATES FROM BISHOP HANNINGTON SCHOOL PASS EXAMS A message from Bishop Hannington: Dear Beloved in the Lord GreetingsThe Uganda Primary Seven National Examinations Results 2019 has come out. We are thankful to God for all our pupils passing and going …

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2019 Patriarch’s Council meets in NY

The Patriarch’s Council met from 18-20 June 2019, at the Cathedral Church of the Intercessor, in Malverne, NY. The Patriarch’s Council is the senior Council of the ICCEC and it consists of all the ICCEC Archbishops, Primates, and General Secretaries …

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Rwanda Start New Micro-Business

Bishop Emmanuel inspecting the Carpentry business. RWANDA: Kigali–  Bishop Emmanuel is starting a new micro-business with the funds raised by the All Saint Missions and Development Offering. He is tackling a long-standing problem, who builds the new churches?  In the past, …

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Deacon Ordination in Rwanda

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