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The Feast of Our Lord the Giver of Life.


This year, The Feast of Our Lord and the Giver of Life falls on Sunday, January 21st.  Below you will find the Patriarch’s annual letter regarding the Feast Day and our communion’s unwavering commitment to the sanctity of Life.

As we consider the Patriarch’s words, let us also begin preparations for this wonderful celebration.  Clergy, if you have not received one already, please keep an eye out for your Feast Day Packet, which should arrive at your church address.  This packet contains important information on how to celebrate the Feast Day and how to handle the offerings and memberships your parish and clergy will be sending in.  If you do not receive a packet, please email Sarah Howell at [email protected]
Download / View the full Message from the Patriarch below.

Feast of Our Lord the Giver of Life 2017

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